Episode 126 – The Scootening 4 – SFGE 2021

This week we bring you our experience at the 2021 Southern Fried Gaming Expo in Atlanta! We had tons of fun and lots of drunken tomfoolery this year – can’t wait for next year’s expo!

Episode 125 – Cinema Seppuku – Lawnmower Man

It’s Cinema Seppuku time! This week, we are joined in studio by Adam as we discuss the genius that is The Lawnmower Man! Tune in for your daily dose of digital devilry and debauchery with this episode’s rundown of the movie!

Episode 124 – Truck O Buck

This week we talk about Warhammer Dawn of War 1, Warhammer 40k: Space Marine, the upcoming Southern Fried Gaming Expo, Mansions of Madness & more!

Episode 123 – Ramboner

This week we talk about the Rambo arcade game, the woes of buying/selling retro games on Facebook, Titanfall 2, Keyforge at SFGE & more!

Episode 120 – Uwe Boll’s Zelda

This week we talk about the value of collectibles, Uwe Boll’s Zelda, Flesh & Blood blitz decks, the Sinden light guns, and much less!

Episode 119 – McGrombles

This week we’re here to talk about Pillars of Eternity 2, Keyforge, rock some Lords of Thunder OST, and be the miserable cusses that we are.

Episode 118 – Cinema Seppuku – Double Dragon

It’s Cinema Seppuku time! This week, we once again have Adam join us as we ritually disembowel ourselves with this turd encrusted gem from 1994. Degeneracy, depravity, and Double Dragon are one and the same this episode, so don’t miss out!

Episode 117 – Dickles

This week we’re here to sow discontent into your life with our perpetual state of anger and misery. Oh, and possibly talk about virtual pinball, gaming community drama, and pickles. Terms & conditions apply, results may vary.