Episode 112 – Fist You In The Slizgorp

This week the grumpy ole gamers come at you in a sour mood and talk about the sour mess that is Pokemon Sword & Shield’s story and pacing. We also talk about Hotshot Racing and miscellaneous ramblings from tired, addled brains.

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  1. Joshua says:

    Blue Shell woes. My son and I still play a bit of Mario Kart but that blue shell is unanimously terrible, along with the wretched lightning cloud. I believe Nintendo, and perhaps games in general, lean a little too hard on a bit of randomness to level the playing field. I suppose it can be fun at times but as you mentioned, it can really seem off-putting when an obvious win turns into a loss too often due to this sort of nonsense.

    Great show guys.

    • Hey Josh, good to hear from you! Forgot about the lightning cloud – at least it hits most people equally. But it and the ghost will rob you of the only defense against the blue shell, making it nearly pointless to hold on to the horn. Thanks for listening!

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